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Dr. Alan Burke, MD is a leading cosmetic and orthopedic medical doctor who has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area for over 15 years.

His cosmetic practice focuses on the use of non-evasive procedures and revolutionary technologies. He is an expert in the use of lasers, stem cells and blood platelets, which he utilizes in his practice depending on the procedure.

Our clinic offers a diverse range of cosmetic services including Botox Injections, Non-Surgical Facelifts, Laser Tattoo Removal, Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Treatment and Spider (Varicose) Vein Removal.

Treatments are relatively fast, comfortable and affordable. Ask us about our interest free payment plans that will help you turn your dreams into reality without breaking the bank!

In addition to the variety of non-surgical skin care treatments we offer, we also carry a line of revolutionary skin care products that will nourish and rejuvenate your skin, reducing age spots, sunspots and diminishing unsightly blemishes.

Botox Treatment
Botox in Philadelphia

Botox treatments are one of the most common, safe, non-surgical cosmetic procedures that utilize an injectable substance to reduce lines and wrinkles of the face. This procedure is non invasive and is performed by Dr. Alan Burke, MD at his clinic located in North East Philadelphia. Botox treatment injections are done in a clean and safe environment to ensure a successful Botox process.

Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal in Philadelphia

For a variety of different reasons, people choose to remove tattoos. Whether your decision to remove a tattoo is professional and/or personal, Dr. Burke has extensive experience in tattoo removal.He’s skilled in safely and permanently removing tattoos of all sizes and colors with minimal skin trauma and outstanding results.

Non-Surgical Facelift
Facelift in Philadelphia

Dr. Alan Burke, MD is a leading cosmetic doctor that performs this non-surgical facelift in Philadelphia. Dr. Burke is on the cutting edge of using platelet rich plasma and stem cells for a variety of different treatment with the Vampire facelift being his preferred treatment for restoring beauty to the face.

About Dr. Alan Burke, MD.

Alan Burke

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At Laser Skin Beautiful, we combine artistry with cutting-edge technology to make you look and feel great!

Our goal is simple; we want to help you restore both your natural beauty and your confidence using the most advanced techniques and products available in the industry today.

There is a correlation between looking and feeling great. External beauty is associated with health and radiance. Our services will turn back the hands of time restoring your outer beauty in turn reestablishing lost self-confidence and having you feeling great on the inside as well.

Another pioneering treatment we offer is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) pain management therapy used as a method to help heal damaged tissue using the platelets in ones own blood. Generally used in conjunction with traditional physical therapy, this technique is great for athletes suffering from a variety of sports related injuries.

Conditions commonly treated using PRP therapy include a variety of ligament and muscle strains and tears with a growing list of celebrity athletes having undergone the treatment.

From Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee, to pro golfer Tiger Woods, this method of therapy is proving to be a viable alternative to surgery with promising results. It’s an easy to implement injection that is performed in the comfort our Philadelphia office and has been used to treat conditions ranging from tennis elbow to rotator cuff injury to Achilles tendon damage.

Whether you choose Dr. Burke for your cosmetic or orthopedic needs, rest assured you will be in the best of hands with a personable, results oriented physician who is on the cutting-edge of his profession.